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Web Designer / Developer Front-End

Your project needs tools Let's bring life into it

Welcome !

You're good a what you do,
and wish to exercice in the best conditions ?
I might be able to help you.

Bureau sur une souche

What I can help you with


UX / UI Design

We will talk about your project.
A lot.

You already know about your subject, and I'm rather curious.
By framing the goals and problems you need to solve, I will make sure to offer the most relevant solution as possible.

This first step will allow us to start by designing the interface your clients and you are going to need, and the ways by which we're going to interact with it.

The result is going to display in a selection of mockups and concepts
which we'll use as foundations for the next part, the technical one :

Front-End Développement

Where it's time to get
your hands dirty

Having built the mockups together,
or having these already been drawn by your favourite graphic designer,
we are going to turn this pretty pixels grid into a live interface.

We will weigh the pros and cons of the options available to us,
while considering the plans you have for your project's future.
From static website to the most complete app, passing by custom Wordpress themes, budget and time at our disposal is the only limit.

Let's do it

You like technology ?

Here are my favourites :

Latest works

What about the man behind the machine ?

Smile in airplane

" Hi !

I am Bastien, developeur and Backpacker since more than two years now.
You can see me as a craftsman which the entire workshop fits in a backpack !

Few years back, I've decided to turn one of my hobbies,
multimedia creation, into a professional skill by diving into the world of Webdesign.

From one thing to another, I started coding and building things for the web…
...and never got out !

Desert backpack Desert backpack

It's a profession that keeps you learning every day :
getting bored became impossible.

Nowadays, I combine this passion with another one : that of travel and exploration.
No worries !

Changing context is a way to stay creative day after day.
From a terrace in Granada, or a coworking space in Reykjavik, your project will stay in good hands..
I remain close to a solid connexion, whether to patch the prod, or watch the latest episode of the Peaky Blinders.

You are proud of your workspace, and the coffee machine is as nice as the atmosphere ?
I will gladly meet you in person ! "

Let's stay in touch